Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm 26 and I would like a baby tooth for Christmas!

Rocky and I saw Rise of the Guardians tonight and really enjoyed it.  One of the Guardians is the Tooth Fairy and one of her little baby fairies is called Baby Tooth.  The Tooth Fairy was so beautifully depicted in the film, but Baby Tooth is just so darn cute!  I know that it sounds ridiculous, but I told Rocky that I would like a Baby Tooth for Christmas.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Dreamworks has marketed or created very many toys at all for the film so that probably won't be happening.

For those of you that thought that the title of this post was somehow an announcement of pregnancy news, my apologies.  Still no babies here.  Rocky's got about another year and a half before he's done with school at which time we'll look more seriously at expanding our family.

Reason #8362928 that I love my dog

Every now and then I give Mindy small rawhide bones.  My silly dog would rather stress herself out trying to hide these bones than actually chewing on them.  We don't let her take these bones outside with her because we know that she'll try to bury them and get super dirty and mess up the yard. 

Well, one night earlier this week Rocky let her out with the rawhide in her mouth and I knew we were going to have a dirty dog on our hands.  That night I went out with Mindy in the yard figuring that she would lead me to the bone since she gets super squirrelly about the things that she hides (have you seen the Travelers Insurance commercial with the dog and his bone?).  She was going all around the yard but I still couldn't find the dang bone.  I was wondering what in the heck she was doing--she had literally gone to every corner of the yard and several places in between.

And then ... and then she found it!  She found her favorite outside toy--a purple tennis ball/rope toy and she brought it over to me.  My sweet little dog went all around the yard, not trying to find her bone to find it a better hiding spot while I was out there, but to find her favoritest toy so that we could play.

Evidence from Easter of what Mindy looks like when she tries to bury toys out in the yard. 
Mindy trying to hide her bone in her bed.
Mindy standing guard over her bone in front of the Christmas tree--great hiding spot, Mindy!
Mindy and her favorite outside toy with a dirty face from burying her rawhide.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was a hit!

Pun intended =)

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Rebecka and her soon-to-be-here son, Hunter. It was the first baby shower that I've hosted all by myself and it was a huge success. I chose a baseball theme and boy was I lucky with that! I found so many cute ideas online and lucked out with some neat finds in stores that helped to make the shower a big success.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

pièce de résistance

A long time ago when I lived in Riverside for college, I rented a room in a really, really, REALLY ugly green house.   But it was close to campus in a good neighborhood, the rent was cheap, the landlord turned out to be the principal of the Chinese school my parents sent Michelle and me to on Saturdays for a short period of time, and my room was awesome!  One of the awesome features of this room was a bulletin board above the space where my bed went that measured, no joke, 5'X5'!  I loved it and was so sad to have to move out.

Ever since then I've been dreaming of turning our hallway wall into a giant bulletin board.  Easier thought of than done, though.  I don't know where the cork came from for the bulletin board in my beloved old room but everything that I have found in searching has not measured up at all.  Also, finding a roll of good quality cork to cover the huge amount of space proved to be expensive.  Solution?  Buy individual cork boards from Target and some spray paint.  Total cost of the below project $100 and I couldn't be happier.  My computer is too large for the opening in the desk in the office so this is my awesome work station--the pièce de résistance of Rocky's handiwork.

My hallway cabinet area is not curved like this; it's just the way that the panoramic app stitched it together.  Click on this link to toggle through the actual panorama.


Rocky took his study break and hung the kitchen quilt up for me!  I am so excited you don't even know.  Our house wasn't built with cabinets above the refrigerator space which I find strange and disconcerting.  I wanted to make the kitchen quilt specifically for this awkward empty space and now that it's hung, my kitchen is D-O-N-E!

For the last several months I have been working on decorating the tops of my cabinets and getting my kitchen organized because our counter space, even with the island, is kind of limited and our pantry is just ridiculous.  There is a good 16 feet of combined shelf space that is unusable because of the way that the thing was built.  Below are some photos of the kitchen decor and organizing that I've been working on.
I love the Apple Farms birdhouse that I found at Hobby Lobby to match the other apple-y decor items I already had.
The sifter I had and the cookie jars I found at the Salvation Army.  Wooden utensils were from the Dollar Tree probably.
I repurposed some random jars and filled them with various dried beans.  The milk pail and other accents were found at craft stores and just seemed to fit the overall theme that I had started.
Just an empty beer case and empty bottles of a brew that our friends introduced Rocky to that he enjoys now.  We both really liked the look of their brand/logo.
The best $13 I ever spent =) I bought this really inexpensive bookshelf at Wal-Mart just to try it out and it fits the space perfectly and I now have a place for my cookbooks and loose-leaf recipe clippings as well as a place to set a pencil cup to write notes on our white board and calendar (not pictured) to the right.
I did an overhaul of the pantry several months ago.  That's a shoe pocket holder thing with miscellaneous seasoning packets and other randomness.  My favorite things about the pantry now are 1. Labeled containers, 2. my 5 gallon "Homer" bucket from Home Depot that I store my rice in, 3. the $1 clear shoe boxes with lids that I got at Target and now use to hold extra bags of brown and powdered sugar, and 4. Finally using all of the Ziploc containers that I'd gotten super cheap couponing to store various types of chips (caramel, chocolate, dark chocolate, toffee bits, etc.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Looking at photos that I took during the planning stages, I started this project on 9/26/11 and last night I finished it!  Today I purchased the drapery rings that I'm going to use to hang it up in the kitchen with.  I'm waiting for Rocky to take a study break to get the holes drilled waaay up on the wall so I can take pictures of my completed kitchen!  Until then, here is the finished project ...

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Will Anchor My Soul in Christ

Remember when I said that I had attended Young Women's Camp several (read: more than a decade ago)?  If you don't, you should click on this link. Well, I came across my camp booklets in tidying up the office trying to find a place for everything.  And in this little camp booklet were the lyrics to a song that I find myself humming or singing to myself every so often completely out of the blue.

I Will Anchor My Soul in Christ
Winds blow around me.  
Waves rush to drown me.  
I will anchor my soul in Christ.  
Anchor my soul in Christ.

Mists rise to blind me.  
He'll reach to find me.  
I will anchor my soul in Christ.  
Anchor my soul in Christ.

At times it takes my breath away, the fierceness of the sea.  
But with joy I take my journey, for the Master sails with me.

He'll stay beside me.  
His voice will guide me.  
I will anchor my soul in Christ.  
Anchor my soul in Christ.