Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm 26 and I would like a baby tooth for Christmas!

Rocky and I saw Rise of the Guardians tonight and really enjoyed it.  One of the Guardians is the Tooth Fairy and one of her little baby fairies is called Baby Tooth.  The Tooth Fairy was so beautifully depicted in the film, but Baby Tooth is just so darn cute!  I know that it sounds ridiculous, but I told Rocky that I would like a Baby Tooth for Christmas.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Dreamworks has marketed or created very many toys at all for the film so that probably won't be happening.

For those of you that thought that the title of this post was somehow an announcement of pregnancy news, my apologies.  Still no babies here.  Rocky's got about another year and a half before he's done with school at which time we'll look more seriously at expanding our family.


  1. Oh my goodness, Katie and I are really into this book series right now!

  2. love that you had to specify this wasnt a pregnancy announcement. You gotta love when the questions start coming... daily. It was fun to see you!

  3. Thanks for this post as we're always looking for something nice to watch & I trust your opinions! Didn't realize you were posting again but noticed this is back in December! :BUSY LADY!!! Love you!